can I remove negative reviews from my yahoo local business listing?

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I have a local business listing and a disgruntled x-client has left a review attacking the business owner and management. I have emailed yahoo and asked about getting it removed and all i get are genaric emails saying to check out the terms of service and that they have dealt with it…yet the negative review remains on there. I also asked if I deleted the the local listing if the negative review would go away..once again no straight answer…next I asked how to remove the listing and again no real answer…anyone have answers to any of this?
Ok…soo how do I delete it?

Yes, you can do that by deleting them.

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  1. Truth or dare? Says:

    Yes, you can do that by deleting them.
    References :

  2. Phillip C Says:

    I would also like to know how to do this
    References :

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